Are You Overtraining? Find Out Now

There is a very popular saying that says that you cannot have any gain without any pain. If you have a feeling that you are feeling some soreness in your body, you might not be sure if you are overtraining. There is a fine line between training correctly and overtraining, and if you cross this, you are in for trouble.

Why are our muscles sore?
As we keep training our body and try to tone those muscles, there is a possibility that the muscles get sore. One of the side effects of training is a dull and aching pain in the muscles; the severity is based on the activity that you have performed and how ready the muscles are to face such a strain. Hence, it is highly recommended that you start your training routine slowly and later on increase it to as much as your body can hold.

Fatigue or overuse
There is a mild difference between fatigue and overuse, and you need to know this to train better. Fatigue is the normal soreness and pain that you may feel with regular exercise or if you challenge yourself a little more, whereas overuse would mean something that goes beyond the fatigue and causes injury to the muscle tissues, tears or even stress fractures.

Good Pain or Bad Pain
Training and body pain go hand in hand. You cannot have a good training schedule without feeling at least a bit of pain; else it means that you have not trained properly. Good pain is something that will fade away with time and will allow you to do the same workout after giving sufficient time for the muscles to relax. Bad pain is something that might aggravate with time, and you might also have severe pain when you try to do the same routine again.

Trust your instincts; when you get a feel that something could be wrong, it’s better to get it examined and clear the doubts before getting back to the training routine again.

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You Can Avoid Walking Injuries! This Is How!

Injuries are not just restricted to running, playing games and weight lifting. Even common things like walking could cause some injuries to your body. Here are some of the common injuries that can happen to you while walking and also how you can avoid them.

• Blisters are the most common complaint that regular walkers come across. Even though they are small, they can cause a great deal of discomfort when it comes to walking. However tempting it may be, never pop your blisters. A bandage could be of help if the size is small but in the case of bigger ones, just give it enough time to heal. To avoid blisters, use a shoe that fits properly and also socks that can absorb moisture.
• Inflammation of the Fascia, which is the tissue stretch that runs from the heel to your toes, could cause a great deal of discomfort. Taking a pain reliever or applying ice over that area for about twenty minutes thrice a day can give the much-needed relief. Stretches and physical therapy can also do wonders. Try to support the arch muscles with taping or other arch strengthening techniques.
• Shin Spints is the name given to the inflammation of the inner edge of the shinbone which can be dull, sharp or throbbing. Use of unfit shoes is a common cause for this. A combination of rests, ice packs, and oral pain killers can help in addition to relaxing the walking program till you get back in shape. Always use shoes that are a good fit for your type of feet and walk style.
• An inflammation of the tendons is also on the cards if you are not walking properly. The pain could be due to tight calf muscles or bone spurs, may even be because of walking too much. This condition only means that you have not done your stretches properly. To get some relief, you will have to take oral anti-inflammatory pills, use ice packs and take enough rest.

You can avoid all the conditions mentioned above by using the right kind of shoes, doing proper stretches after every walk and giving enough rest for your tired legs.

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Learn To Love Yourself!

It is very normal that you love the parts of yourself that you like. But it is important that you also love the parts of yourself that you do not like. You don’t have to be accepted by everyone else; you need to accept yourself and that too completely. Here are some tips for you to do that with a full heart.

Realize that you had to take the wrong turn, imperfections are there is everyone and also in every relationship. It is not wrong in doing a mistake; the important lies in accepting it and going ahead in life by putting it behind you. One cannot change the past, and all of us are aware of this. You have to be realistic and accept your decisions.

Listen to yourself; this is one thing that we don’t do. If you see a friend feeling down and out, you will extend a helping hand by motivating them that they are not bad and can just get over it. Do the same for yourself. You need to listen to your thoughts, both positive and negative. Leave the positive thoughts; you need to work on the negative ones.

Know that it is fine to have good and bad days. You will have experienced both in your life. You should always think that that best is yet to come. Positive thoughts go a long way in motivating you to do your daily chores. Love all parts of yourself, and you will have a great life.

Just be sure that it is only a matter of choice. Whenever we reject a part of ourselves, we tend to get deep in sorrow that we are unworthy. Every time we do this, the wound only gets deeper. So let go, forgive yourself for the mistakes that you have made. Then life would be a much smoother drive with one less thing to worry.

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7 Things to Do When A Loved One Is Sick

Sickness is a sick word in itself. We feel so stressed and down when we are suffering from some sickness, but the pain is even more when a loved one is sick; you will have to handle the stress and also motivate the person to make them feel better and recover quickly. Here are the eight things you need to do when a loved one is sick.

Doing what is needed rather than doing what you think is needed. There is a fine line between the two. Give them the moral support even if physical support is not your cup of tea.

If your loved one is talking to you about death, don’t cut them off, listen to them out. At this point of time, they are looking for listeners and not instructors.

Often, when we are looking at a loved one, we do not check on the other people who support them. Do check in on the support persons.

Do not hide the fact that you are unhappy and act in front of them that everything is fine in your life. Let them know what you feel.

Understand that trying to cheer up the sick person is only going to make it worse for them and it’s better to avoid doing this.

You will be tempted to cook something that they like and give it to them, understand that this may not be the right thing to do. Sick people have a lot of diet restrictions and so stick to that.
Be prepared that what you plan may go down the drain. You cannot plan your days to perfection when a loved one is sick.

All these mentioned above are useful tips when you have a loved one who is sick. But this is not a rule book. You are the judge of the situation; know the person and the circumstances. So, use your instincts and take good care of your loved one. May they recover soon!

10 Yoga Poses For OMG Abs

We all know that Yoga is the best stress reliever and none other training schedules can match it in this field. Did you know that you can Oh My God Abs by doing some simple yoga poses? You can not only relax your mind, but you can also make your body perfect shape with the help of yoga. Here are the poses for getting flat abs and look awesome.

1. The tree pose will make your abs work overtime so that you can stay for long on one leg.
2. The warrior lunge twist will not only help you flatten your abs, but it will also stabilize the body posture.
3. The rock and roll lotus strengthens the core of the body and improves the flexibility of the body in addition to working out on your abdominals.
4. The downward facing dog variation can help in reducing the abs not only in the holding position but also during the transitions.
5. The Warrior III is also a posture that could be a major challenge for your body’s balancing techniques, but it keeps the core engaged at all times and helps to work the abs.
6. The camel hinge pose keeps the body active and engages the thighs and the back in addition to the abs.
7. The amped up bridge with a leg sweep pose hones the butt and the hamstrings while also working on the abs.
8. The extended boat pose builds strength and endurance to the core. This is a challenging pose but very effective to train the whole body.
9. Sliding table is an active pose for your abs as it shifts the body weight bank and forth which can provide a dynamic contraction and stretch pattern for your body.
10. Though it looks to be very simple, the lotus hip lift will be quite a challenge as it gives a static contraction for your core.

The Top Five Benefits Of Seaweed

Seaweed is a large algae that looks like a plant and grows in the sea. It is highly beneficial to our body in not just one but in many ways, here are the top % benefits of seaweed.

1. Seaweed has a very high nutrient value, much more than any vegetables that you get on land. Most importantly, seaweed has high amounts of iodine in addition to other micronutrients that are essential for a healthy body.
2. Omega 3 Fatty acids are not only restricted to fish, but these are also available in seaweed, which comes as a boon for vegetarians.
3. Kobmu, a particular type of seaweed, helps in assisting digestion.
4. Seaweed contains a lot of antioxidants which is needed to protect our body from oxidative stress and chronic diseases like cancer.
5. Most plants contain fiber; seaweed also contains fiber and other carbohydrates like fucan, galactan, and carrageenan which are essential for the body to digest food.

What we eat is what makes us, so adding seaweed to your diet will help and ensure that all the digestive juices in the stomach are intact and digestion takes place as it should in a healthy body. Add seaweed to your diet plan and lead a trouble free life.

Choose A Plant Based Protein Powder

Most of us are forced to rely on some protein powder to give the much-required protein for our body. Though it is impossible to get all the necessary protein from just a spoon of powder, there are many junk items also added to it. To avoid that you need to be sure that you are using a plant based protein powder.

Protein plays a very important part when it comes to having a healthy diet. Consuming the right amount of protein when taking your breakfast is imperative as it can normalize the sugar in the blood all through the day. People with thyroid disease often have to avoid dairy products and hence do not get the much-required protein supply as part of the diet if not for protein powders.

If you have a weak digestive system which needs a trigger in the mornings, you will need a breakfast that can go down easier than just eggs and sausages. Smoothies are the best option in such cases as they give your body all the protein that it needs, in addition to a lingering taste for your taste buds and saving a lot of time. Protein powder is the best mean replacement that you can think of, that too if it’s a plant based one, you do not have to think twice about junk in it.