10 Yoga Poses For OMG Abs

We all know that Yoga is the best stress reliever and none other training schedules can match it in this field. Did you know that you can Oh My God Abs by doing some simple yoga poses? You can not only relax your mind, but you can also make your body perfect shape with the help of yoga. Here are the poses for getting flat abs and look awesome.

1. The tree pose will make your abs work overtime so that you can stay for long on one leg.
2. The warrior lunge twist will not only help you flatten your abs, but it will also stabilize the body posture.
3. The rock and roll lotus strengthens the core of the body and improves the flexibility of the body in addition to working out on your abdominals.
4. The downward facing dog variation can help in reducing the abs not only in the holding position but also during the transitions.
5. The Warrior III is also a posture that could be a major challenge for your body’s balancing techniques, but it keeps the core engaged at all times and helps to work the abs.
6. The camel hinge pose keeps the body active and engages the thighs and the back in addition to the abs.
7. The amped up bridge with a leg sweep pose hones the butt and the hamstrings while also working on the abs.
8. The extended boat pose builds strength and endurance to the core. This is a challenging pose but very effective to train the whole body.
9. Sliding table is an active pose for your abs as it shifts the body weight bank and forth which can provide a dynamic contraction and stretch pattern for your body.
10. Though it looks to be very simple, the lotus hip lift will be quite a challenge as it gives a static contraction for your core.

The Top Five Benefits Of Seaweed

Seaweed is a large algae that looks like a plant and grows in the sea. It is highly beneficial to our body in not just one but in many ways, here are the top % benefits of seaweed.

1. Seaweed has a very high nutrient value, much more than any vegetables that you get on land. Most importantly, seaweed has high amounts of iodine in addition to other micronutrients that are essential for a healthy body.
2. Omega 3 Fatty acids are not only restricted to fish, but these are also available in seaweed, which comes as a boon for vegetarians.
3. Kobmu, a particular type of seaweed, helps in assisting digestion.
4. Seaweed contains a lot of antioxidants which is needed to protect our body from oxidative stress and chronic diseases like cancer.
5. Most plants contain fiber; seaweed also contains fiber and other carbohydrates like fucan, galactan, and carrageenan which are essential for the body to digest food.

What we eat is what makes us, so adding seaweed to your diet will help and ensure that all the digestive juices in the stomach are intact and digestion takes place as it should in a healthy body. Add seaweed to your diet plan and lead a trouble free life.