Are You Overtraining? Find Out Now

There is a very popular saying that says that you cannot have any gain without any pain. If you have a feeling that you are feeling some soreness in your body, you might not be sure if you are overtraining. There is a fine line between training correctly and overtraining, and if you cross this, you are in for trouble.

Why are our muscles sore?
As we keep training our body and try to tone those muscles, there is a possibility that the muscles get sore. One of the side effects of training is a dull and aching pain in the muscles; the severity is based on the activity that you have performed and how ready the muscles are to face such a strain. Hence, it is highly recommended that you start your training routine slowly and later on increase it to as much as your body can hold.

Fatigue or overuse
There is a mild difference between fatigue and overuse, and you need to know this to train better. Fatigue is the normal soreness and pain that you may feel with regular exercise or if you challenge yourself a little more, whereas overuse would mean something that goes beyond the fatigue and causes injury to the muscle tissues, tears or even stress fractures.

Good Pain or Bad Pain
Training and body pain go hand in hand. You cannot have a good training schedule without feeling at least a bit of pain; else it means that you have not trained properly. Good pain is something that will fade away with time and will allow you to do the same workout after giving sufficient time for the muscles to relax. Bad pain is something that might aggravate with time, and you might also have severe pain when you try to do the same routine again.

Trust your instincts; when you get a feel that something could be wrong, it’s better to get it examined and clear the doubts before getting back to the training routine again.

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