You Can Avoid Walking Injuries! This Is How!

Injuries are not just restricted to running, playing games and weight lifting. Even common things like walking could cause some injuries to your body. Here are some of the common injuries that can happen to you while walking and also how you can avoid them.

• Blisters are the most common complaint that regular walkers come across. Even though they are small, they can cause a great deal of discomfort when it comes to walking. However tempting it may be, never pop your blisters. A bandage could be of help if the size is small but in the case of bigger ones, just give it enough time to heal. To avoid blisters, use a shoe that fits properly and also socks that can absorb moisture.
• Inflammation of the Fascia, which is the tissue stretch that runs from the heel to your toes, could cause a great deal of discomfort. Taking a pain reliever or applying ice over that area for about twenty minutes thrice a day can give the much-needed relief. Stretches and physical therapy can also do wonders. Try to support the arch muscles with taping or other arch strengthening techniques.
• Shin Spints is the name given to the inflammation of the inner edge of the shinbone which can be dull, sharp or throbbing. Use of unfit shoes is a common cause for this. A combination of rests, ice packs, and oral pain killers can help in addition to relaxing the walking program till you get back in shape. Always use shoes that are a good fit for your type of feet and walk style.
• An inflammation of the tendons is also on the cards if you are not walking properly. The pain could be due to tight calf muscles or bone spurs, may even be because of walking too much. This condition only means that you have not done your stretches properly. To get some relief, you will have to take oral anti-inflammatory pills, use ice packs and take enough rest.

You can avoid all the conditions mentioned above by using the right kind of shoes, doing proper stretches after every walk and giving enough rest for your tired legs.

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